BRI Undergraduate Summer Research Poster Fair - August 13, 2020

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Student Presenter UCLA Mentor Project Title Affiliated Program Presentation time (All times displayed in PST)
Charles P. Smith Dr. Ketema Paul The Effect of BMAL1 Overexpression on Memory Performance in Sleep Deprived Mice HBCU 10:05 am
D. Andrew Wrench Dr. Alicia Izquierdo Biosensor technology for identifying neurochemical changes during different stages of chronic alcohol withdrawal HBCU 10:15 am
Melika Madani Dr. Ketema Paul The response of EEG delta band subtypes to acute sleep loss in wildtype mice 10:24 am
Kendra Parker Dr. Shafali Jeste Screening for neurodevelopmental and behavioral concerns in infants and toddlers with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC) BRI-SURE 10:33 am
Rubi A. Guadarrama Dr. Stephanie A. White Assessment of neuronal number affected by reduction of an autism-risk gene in primary motor cortex dedicated to vocal learning HBCU 10:42 am
Sonia C. Okekenwa Dr. Ketema Paul Discrete Non-REM delta band EEG waveforms in a model of Huntington's Disease HBCU 10:52 am
Tamia L. Carter Dr. Alicia Izquierdo Animal Models of Alcohol Use Disorder: Dose, Sex, and Developmental Differences in Forced and Voluntary Alcohol Consumption HBCU 11:00 am
Tania. S. Lugo Dr. Gina Poe Addressing the Bidirectional Relationship Between Substance Use Disorders and Sleep Disturbances: A Literature Review BRI-SURE 11:09 am
Cameron Jackson Dr. Ketema Paul The Therapeutic Effects of Hydrogen Rich Water (HRW) Treatment on Sleep-Related Disorders in Mice 11:18 am
Stacy De Florencio Dr. Stephanie A. White Analyzing Song Similarity Between Freely-Singing and Silenced Zebra Finches During Sensorimotor Learning Phase Deans Award 11:27 am
Harjas S. Sabharwal Dr. David S. Williams Understanding the effects of darkness on retinal pigment epithelium phagosome degradation Deans Award 11:36 am
Giselle Melendez Dr. Ketema Paul Sex differences in recovery sleep amount are driven by Y chromosome Deans Award 11:55 am
Jahel Guadardo Dr. Stephanie A. White Attenuation of Contactin associated protein-like 2 in a primary motor nucleus impairs vocal imitation: Validation of Methodology Deans Award 12:04 pm
Gabriel Rojas-Bowe Dr. Gina Poe The effects of REM sleep deprivation in the extinction of traumatic memories BRI-SURE 12:13 pm
Matthew Caliz Dr. David Glanzman A computational bioinformatics approach to identifying possible LINE1 reverse transcriptase-like domains in Aplysia californica BRI-SURE 12:22 pm