The UCLA Joint Seminars in Neuroscience Presents - Larry Young, Ph.D.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020 - 12:00pm
Charles H. (Tom) Sawyer Distinguished Lecture

The UCLA Joint Seminars in Neuroscience Presents - Larry Young, Ph.D.

"The Neurobiology of Social Bonding, Empathy and Social Loss: Implications for Autism"

Larry Young, Ph.D.
William P. Timmie Professor, Department of Psychiatry;
Director, Center for Translational Social Neuroscience
Director, Silvio O. Conte Center For Oxytocin and Social Cognition;
Chief, Division of Behavioral Neuroscience and Psychiatric Disorder
Yerkes National Primate Research Center
Emory University School of Medicine
Atlanta, Georgia

Abstract: Social relationships are critical for our well-being. This lecture will present current theories of the neurobiological mechanisms underlying social bonding, empathy, and the consequences of social loss based on studies in monogamous prairie voles. Oxytocin receptor (OXTR) signaling coordinates neural activity to link the neural encoding of partner cues with the rewarding aspects of social affiliation. Diversity in expression patterns of OXTR in the brain contribute to diversity in social behaviors across and within species. Bonded prairie voles display empathy-like consoling behavior toward their partner when they are distressed. Loss of a bonded partner results in the development of depressive-like “grieving” behavior, which is alleviated by oxytocin replacement. Studies in humans suggest that the role of oxytocin on social relationships are conserved from rodents to man. The implications of oxytocin on potential therapies for improving social functioning in psychiatric disorders such as autism will be discussed.

Host: Dr. Paul Micevych and LNE

Location: Zoom Meeting

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