Neuronuclear Imaging Affinity Group

Mission and Goals:

The Neuronuclear Imaging Affinity Group at UCLA Medical Center consists of faculty, students, staff research associates, medical residents, and clinical and research fellows. Invited speakers present their current work in the conference room of the UCLA Nuclear Medicine Suite in the Medical Plaza 200 Building, providing a unique environment that brings together faculty, students, research staff, and clinicians with diverse professional backgrounds and interests. Our interests correspondingly span the 'bench to bedside' spectrum from biochemical work in vitro, to monitoring and impacting upon progress of neurological and psychiatric patients. The group is particularly interested in the use of neuroimaging for evaluating and optimizing management of a diverse range of neuropsychiatric conditions, including cognitive effects of cancer and chemotherapy, neurodegenerative disease, and effects of brain tumors.


Affinity Group Participants:

Daniel Silverman, (Affinity Group Leader)

Regina Ahn

Iris Cheng

Jessica Chew

Michelle Dilley

Magnus Dahlbom

Christina Fong

Cheri Geist

Joshua Grill

Shaun Hussain

Wesley Kerr

Mitra Kohan

Edward Lau

Michelle Lin

Kristin Lind

Sravya Mallam

Manogna Manne

An Nguyen

Stefan Nguyen

Kelsey Pomykala

Amir Rad

Aman Rangan

Neel Raval

Navya Reddy

Kristie Taguma

Nare Torosyan

Hongjing Xia

Eve Ystang


How to Join:

Dan Silverman, MD, PhD
Head, Neuronuclear Imaging Section Director, UCLA Brain Wellness Center Professor, Dept. Molecular and Medical Pharmacology
Executive Committee, UCLA Alzheimer's Disease Research Center
David Geffen School of Medicine, University of California, Los Angeles
E-mail Address:
Phone Number: 310-983-1446;
Fax Number: 310-206-4899
Address: Peter Morton Medical Building
200 UCLA Medical Plaza, Suite B114-55
MC: 737024 Los Angeles, CA 90095