Neural Stem Cells Affinity Group

Mission and Goals:

Neural stem cells are promising candidates as therapeutic agents for the cure of CNS disease and the repair of CNS injury. The purpose of the affinity group is to bring together researchers from a wide variety of backgrounds but with a common interest in neural stem cells. The goal is to not only understand neural stem cells and their therapeutic potential, but to establish strong scientific collaborations. Members of the group include molecular and cellular biologists, systems neuroscientists, translational researchers and clinicians. Graduate students, postdocs, Research Associates and Faculty members all attend and participate on an equal basis. Meetings consist of research presentations, journal clubs, as well as more general discussions of topics of interest in this rapidly evolving field. The purpose of the presentations is not to provide a polished summary of the field, but rather to disseminate brand new information as well as to receive feedback on current experiments or proposals. Informality, wide-open discussion and strong critical thinking in a collegial atmosphere are encouraged.

Affinity Group Participants:

Harley Kornblum (Director)

Michael Sofroniew

Hong Wu

Tom Carmichael

Leif Havton

Jim Waschek

Dan Geschwind

Jean de Vellis

Marie-Francoise Chesselet

Xin Liu

Yi Sun

Guo-Ping Fan

How to Join

Email Harley Kornblum