Learning, Memory & Plasticity Affinity Group

Mission and Goals:

Neuroscience at UCLA is one of the largest (more than 200 neuroscience laboratories) and most exciting in the world. Just about every field of brain science, from clinical psychology to molecular neuroscience, is represented at UCLA. Despite its size, the academic environment is very collegial and interactive, with several seminar programs, journal clubs, retreats and special events, which provide countless opportunities for interactions and interchange of ideas.

L&M at UCLA includes laboratories that range from cognitive sciences to molecular neurosciences. We have a learning and memory journal club, and numerous courses and lectures on the subject. We have also several L&M courses including a brand new exciting course called "Biology of Learning and Memory".

We are fortunate to have in Los Angeles other universities with very strong learning and memory programs, including CalTech, UC-Irvine, UCSD, and USC. We also have an exciting new annual meeting for all of the learning and memory labs in Southern California (The UCLA Learning and Memory Symposium). This meeting provides a valuable opportunity for post-docs and students studying Learning and Memory to meet, exchange ideas and expertise.

Affinity Group Participants:

Balleine, Bernard

Barad, Mark

Blair, Ted

Blaisdell, Aaron

Buonomano, Dean

Cannon, Tyrone

Colwell, Christopher

Engel, Jerome

Fanselow, Michael

Faull, Kym

Fried, Itzhak

Fuster, Joaquin

Glanzman, David

Herschman, Harvey

Jentsch, David

Klein, Marc

Knowlton, Barbara

Krasne, Franklin

Liu, Xin

Martin, Kelsey

Mazziotta, John

Mody, Istvan

Nirenberg, Sheila

O'Dell, Thomas

Olsen, Richard

Otis, Tom

Schweizer, Felix

Silva, Alcino

Smith, Desmond

Small, Gary

Watson, Joseph

White, Stephanie

Xie, Cui-Wei (Tracy)

How to Join

Alcino Silva
Phone: 310-794-6609
E-mail: silvaa@ucla.edu
Location: Gonda 2554