Karen H. Gylys, Ph.D., R.N.


Professor, School of Nursing

Member, Brain Research Institute

Molecular Pharmacology GPB Home Area

Neuroscience GPB Home Area

Contact Information

Lab Number: 310 794-5472
Office Phone Number: 310-206-3840

Work Address:

Factor Building 6-266
Los Angeles, CA 90095


Karen Hoppens Gylys is a neuroscientist who joined the faculty of the School of Nursing and the Brain Research Institute in 1998. Dr. Gylys earned a B.S. degree in Nursing and a M.S. degree in Human Development at the University of Texas, Dallas. She received her Ph.D. in Neuroscience, with a major in neuropharmacology, at UCLA in 1993, and did postdoctoral work on molecular mechanisms of opioid tolereance in the NPI. Since joining the faculty of the School of Nursing, she has taught pharmacology and research in the School of Nursing and is actively involved in the BRI. Her laboratory research is focused on understanding the dysfunction and loss of synapses that occurs in Alzheimer's disease, which is thought to underlie the earliest cognitive impairments.


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