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Drug Abuse and Society Educational Material

Educational material suitable for high school teachers and students over the age of 14 is available for download and listed by subject matter below.

Lessons (L) are powerpoints designed to accompany live lectures and contain images and summary information.
Pamphlets (P) are brief materials with summary information and links to other resources.
To view lecture videos, please visit here.

1. Introduction

          a. Introduction to drugs and the brain (L)
          b. What is addiction? (P)

2. What are depressants? (L)

3. Alcohol
          a. Alcohol abuse (L)
          b. Alcohol and date rape
                  i. Lesson
                 ii. Pamphlet
          c. Alcohol and depressants (P)

4. Benzodiazepines
          a. Prescription benzodiazepines (P)
          b. Rohypnol
                  i. Lesson
                 ii. Pamphlet
          c. Xanax abuse (P)

5. Cannabinoids
          a. Introduction to cannabinoids (L)

          b. Natural marijuana
                  i. Lesson
                 ii. Pamphlet

          c. Synthetic marijuana (spice)
                 i. Pamphlet 1
                ii. Pamphlet 2

6. Hallucinogens & dissociatives 
          a. Ketamine 
                 i. Lesson
                ii. Pamphlet
          b. LSD (P)
          c. Magic mushrooms (L)
          d. Magic mushrooms & LSD (L)
          e. PCP
                i. Lesson
               ii. Pamphlet
          e. Salvia (P)

7. Hallucinogens & stimulants
MDMA and ecstasy (L)

8. Inhalants
a. Introduction to inhalants
i. Lesson 1
                ii. Lesson 2
         b. Nitrous Oxide
                 i. Pamphlet 1
                ii. Pamphlet 2
          c. Petrol (P)
          d. Toulene (P)

9. Opiates
          a. Introduction to opiates (L)
          b. Cough syrup (P)
          c. Heroin (L)
          d. Krokodil (P)
          e. Oxycodone (P)
          f. Prescription opiate abuse
                 i. Lesson 1
                ii. Lesson 2
               iii. Pamphlet


10. Stimulants
          a. Introduction to stimulants
Lesson 1
                ii. Lesson 2
          b. ADHD medications (P)
          c. Bath salts (P)         
          d. Cocaine
                ii. Pamphlet
          e. Methamphetamine (P)
          f. Nicotine (L)