Opening of the UCLA Brain Research Institute and Neuropsychiatric Institute
40th Anniversary Celebration

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The 40th Anniversary Exhibition is in preparation. It will be unveiled in January 2002 in 2 locations: (1) B-floor NPI exhibit case, across from NPI entrance; and (2) Entry corridor, Gonda (Goldschmied) Neuroscience and Human Genetics Building.


Online Exhibit

The 40th Anniversary Online Exhibition is in preparation. It will be unveiled in January 2002 and will contain additional text, photographs, documents, and links for which there was not room in the actual or "hardcopy" exhibit.


40th Anniversary Symposium ("Dopamine symposium")

Psychiatry & Neuroscience: The Past, Present and Future of Brain and Behavior
A Symposium Marking the 40th Anniversary of the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute and Brain Research Institute

February 8, 2002

Many of the speakers will highlight breakthrough research on dopamine and its role in psychiatric disorders ranging from the addictions to schizophrenia. The significance of the research presented at this symposium, however, extends far beyond a single molecule or brain system. The work of these researchers exemplifies the broad connections between mind and brain, psychiatry and neuroscience, and bedside and laboratory. To this end, the speakers will address historical, clinical, and neurobiological aspects of dopamine and their relationship to the broader questions of psychiatry and neuroscience.




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