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Online: The Mills Archive Trust (traditional mills and milling)

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Date: Sun, 23 Jun 2002 11:45:11 -0400
From: "Phillip Thurtle, H-SCI-MED-TECH"  []
Subject: WEB: New Archive for Traditional Mills
Sender: "H-NET List on the History of Science, Medicine, and 
From: Ron Cookson [RCookson@NETCOMUK.CO.UK]

I am pleased to announce that we have set up The Mills Archive Trust as 
a charity registered in the UK (no 1091534) to develop and maintain an 
archive and resource library specialising in traditional mills and 

Traditional mills include mills and similar structures that are or were 
powered by wind, water, muscle or other sources. Milling includes 
millwrighting and the place of the mill in social as well as 
technological and architectural history.

We already have a great deal of material of historical interest from 
the UK, North America and many other countries. We are now actively 
seeking funds to house our collections and permit free public access.

We are already developing (with the aid of a GBP50,000 grant from the 
UK's Heritage Lottery Fund) our online catalogue, which will be freely 
available to you at 

The catalogue will have a number of novel features including allowing 
on-line addition of research notes by remote experts and email alerts 
when items of interest are changed or added.

If you would like to find out more please visit the website. If you would
like to be kept informed of progress please send an email to:


Ron Cookson
The Mills Archive Trust
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