Progress report: The bibliography of John Hughlings Jackson

George K. YORK and David A. STEINBERG
Kaiser Permanente Stockton Medical Center and Såa Institute, Fiddletown, California

John Hughlings Jackson (1835-1911) instructed his cousin Charles Samuel Jackson to destroy all of his papers at the time of his death. Charles Jackson executed his cousin's wish; as a result, the only extant source of Hughlings Jackson's original scientific ideas is his published writing, found exclusively in contemporaneous medical periodicals and pamphlets. We collected these published writings, compiling them from previously published bibliographies, from our examination of the relevant periodicals, and internal references in his writings. We classified each article by year of publication and source periodical, and assigned a unique identification number. We assorted the articles into exclusive categories of bylined articles, case reports, letters, book chapters in multi-authored textbooks, pamphlets, case reports under his care, unsigned works that he later claimed, and third person commentaries. We assigned each paper to one or several subject categories. We then compared our bibliography to other published ones.

We have collected 545 papers by and about Hughlings Jackson published during his lifetime, 84 of which do not appear in any other bibliography. Eighty percent appear in five periodicals: Medical Times and Gazette, Lancet, British Medical Journal, Medical Press and Circular and Brain. Of the oeuvre, 392 papers were bylined pieces, 81 were reports of cases under his care and 72 were third person commentaries. Nineteen percent were devoted to epilepsy, 17% to cerebral localization and clinical neurophysiology, 13% to neuro-ophthalmology, 10% to paralysis and 5% to aphasia. Our catalogue raisonné shows the breadth of Hughlings Jackson's neurological interests. This bibliography, which should supersede previously published ones, will aid the study of Hughlings Jackson's neurology, and the historical origins of neuroscience.

Session V -- Hughlings Jackson
Monday, 3 June 2002, 11:30 am

Seventh Annual Meeting of the International Society for the History of the Neurosciences (ISHN)

Los Angeles, California, USA