The complete bibliography of Sir Victor Horsley: a description and an assessment

Joel A. VILENSKY1, Pandy R. SINISH1, James L. STONE2, and Sid GILMAN4
1Indiana University School of Medicine, Fort Wayne, Indiana; 2University of Illinois, Chicago, USA; and 3University of Michigan School of Medicine, Ann Arbor, USA

Sir Victor Horsley (1857-1916) is well-recognized as the father of modern neurological surgery for his many innovations in the field. It is therefore surprising that no one has heretofore compiled his complete bibliography. We did so utilizing citation listings from four sources: 1. the very incomplete bibliography in Paget’s biography; 2. historical articles; 3. the Index-Catalogue of the Library of the Surgeon-General’s Office, U.S. Army Series 1-5; and, 4. the “Indexes” of British Medical Journal and Lancet from 1880-1915. Horsley’s bibliography consists of 498 listings, which include 220 articles, 121 summaries, 91 pieces of correspondence, 51 discussions, 8 abstracts, 4 books and 3 obituaries. Subject classifications include neurosurgery/neuroscience (176), politics (118), general medicine (39), teaching/philosophy (34), thyroid (33), alcohol (19), laryngeal muscle neurology (16), gunshot wounds (12), rabies (10), microbiology (8), anesthesia (8), historical (5), asepsis (5), and miscellaneous (15). Horsley’s most prolific year was 1898, during which 35 publications appeared. 1907 was his least productive, with only 4 publications. His most prolific topic was neurology/neurosurgery, with 176 publications. Approximately 25% of his publications include collaborators, with Charles Beevor (1854-1908) being his longest (1887-1902) and most productive collaboration (21 publications).

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