Stensen in Leiden

Troels Kardel
Copenhagen, Denmark

The Danish anatomist, Niels Stensen, stayed in Holland 1660-63 during his first educational tour. Having discovered the excretory duct of the parotid gland in his first dissection on his own in Amsterdam in 1660, he soon moved to Leiden to study anatomy under Sylvius and van Horne. Stensen shared interests and became friends with Swammerdam and de Graaf and discussed with Spinoza. It is evident from Stensen's correspondence that much of his research in Leiden on glands and his later research on the brain were reactions to De homine by Descartes, first published posthumously by Florentius Schuyl in Leiden in 1662. This is illustrated from selected passages in the two authors' writings.

Session I
Friday, 20 June 1997, 9.40 - 9.55

Second Annual Meeting of the International Society for the History of the Neurosciences (ISHN) and 6th Meeting of the European Club on the History of Neurology (ECHN)

Leiden, The Netherlands