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RETICULUM is a gateway to Internet resources for history and historians of basic, clinical, and behavioral neuroscience.  Links to existing sites are reviewed for salience and accuracy, organized by topic for convenient access, and regularly tested for availability.  Comments, questions, and additional resource suggestions and submissions are welcomed.

RETICULUM: Neuroscience History Resources

Last modified: 21 October 1999

RETICULUM logo adapted with permission of Thomas E. Starzl, M.D., Ph.D. (Outline of the brain of the cat, showing the ascending reticular activating system in the brain stem, receiving connections from afferent paths, and exerting generalized influences upon the cerebral cortex. From: Starzl TE, Taylor CW and HW Magoun. Collateral afferent excitation of the reticular formation of the brain. Journal of Neurophysiology, 1951, 14, 479-496)

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