Samuel Eiduson Student Lectureship

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The Samuel Eiduson Student Lectureship was initiated in 1993 to recognize extraordinarily meritorious contributions by a neuroscience graduate student. This lectureship was named in honor of Dr. Samuel Eiduson for his many years of dedication to the Neuroscience Program and the Brain Research Institute. Dr. Eiduson served as the Chairman of the Interdepartmental Program for Neuroscience from its inception in 1972 until 1985, and was instrumental in forwarding the careers of many UCLA neuroscientists and graduates. Each year one student who has conducted especially commendable research during his/her thesis study is selected to deliver a lecture to the neuroscience community.

Previous Samuel Eiduson Student Lecturers
Year Student Lecture Title
1993 1st Eiduson Student Lecturer David Rector “Illuminating the Brain: Neural Activation Produces Changes in Light Scattering”
1994 2nd Eiduson Student Lecturer Michael DeRosa “Why Do Children Seize? What Epileptic Brain Tissue Tells Us”

1995 3rd Eiduson Student Lecturer

Kerry Thompson “Focal Status Epilepticus in the Immature Brain”
1996 4th Eiduson Student Lecturer Li-Tao Zhong “A Novel Type of Cell Death Receptor in Neocortical Neurons”
1997 5th Eiduson Student Lecturer Christine Schulteis “Aspects of Shaker Potassium Channel Biogenesis Revealed by Analysis of Mutant Subunits”
1998 6th Eiduson Student Lecturer Paul Thompson “Mathematical/Computational Strategies for Human Brain Mapping and Pathology Detection”
1999 7th Eiduson Student Lecturer Albert Cha “Using Optical Probes to Study the Behavior of Voltage-Gated Ion Channels”
2000 8th Eiduson Student Lecturer Paul Gray “Every Breath You Take: Looking for the Respiratory Rhythm Generator”
2001 9th Eiduson Student Lecturer Holly Carlisle “The Role of NMDA Receptor Associated Proteins in Hippocampal LTP”
2002 10th Eiduson Student Lecturer Robert Agate “Sex Chromosomes as Carriers for Genes Involved in Sex Specific Brain Development”
2003 11th Eiduson Student Lecturer Christopher Cain “Overcoming Fear: Behavioral Pharmacology and Physiology of Fear Extinction in Mice”
2004 12th Eiduson Student Lecturer Spencer Smith “The Role of Spontaneously Firing Neurons and New Tools for Exploring Them”
2005 13th Eiduson Student Lecturer Keri Martinowich “Epigenetic Gene Regulation in Mental Retardation Disorders”
2006 14th Eiduson Student Lecturer John Ohab “A Novel Neurovascular Niche for Neurogenesis after Stroke”
2007 15th Eiduson Student Lecturer Louisa Wang “The Circadian Regulation of Learning and Memory”
2008 16th Eiduson Student Lecturer Woj Wojtowicz “A Role for Molecular Diversity and Specificity in Wiring the Fly Brain”
2009 17th Eiduson Student Lecturer Doris Payer “Neural Correlates of Emotion and Inhibitory Control During Early Abstinence from Methamphetamine”
2010 18th Eiduson Student Lecturer David Rousso “Successive Actions of FoxP Transcription Factors in Spinal Cord Neurogenesis and the Establishment of Motor Circuits”
2011 19th Eiduson Student Lecturer Jason Stein “Searching for Genetic Influences on Brain Structure”
2012 20th Eiduson Student Lecturer Stephanie Groman “Dopamine D2-Like Receptors: At the Nexus between Self Control and Addiction”
2013 21st Eiduson Student Lecturer Jesse Brown “Multimodality MRI-based Brain Network Analysis: Applications to Genetic Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease”
2014 22nd Eiduson Student Lecturer Satoru Miura “No Two Neurons Are the Same: Unique Identities for Neural Circuit Assembly”
2015 23rd Eiduson Student Lecturer Neelroop Parikshak "Insights from the Molecular Underpinnings of Autism from the Analysis of Gene Expression in Human Brain"
2016 24th Eiduson Student Lecturer Tessa Harrison "Neuroimaging Markers of Genetic Risk for Alzheimer's Disease in Cognitively Healthy Cohorts"
2017 25th Eiduson Student Lecturer Supraja Varadarajan "Redefining the Role of Netrin1 as an Axon Guidance Cue in the Developing Spinal Cord"
2018 26th Eiduson Student Lecturer Celine Vuong "Rbfox1 Regulates Inhibitory Synaptic Transmission through the v-SNARE Vamp1"
2019 27th Eiduson Student Lecturer Douglas Arneson "Spatial and Temporal Single Cell Network Alterations Induced by Traumatic Brain Injury"
2020 28th Eiduson Student Lecturer Lyle Kingsbury "The Social Brain in Action: Neural Dynamics Within and Across Interacting Animals"

The Brain Research Institute is proud to have created a lecture series designed to spotlight the achievements of its neuroscience graduate students.