Graduate Programs

Graduate students are the lifeblood of any academic program. They infuse new perspectives and energy to the program and to research labs. They represent the future of our discipline.

The BRI plays a critical role in graduate neuroscience education at UCLA. The BRI provides the administrative and intellectual background for Neuroscience education and gives students a chance to customize their education without limitations imposed by departmental boundaries. The Neuroscience Interdepartmental Graduate Program offers a flexible education based on a strong core curriculum and highly individualized training options.

The program trains doctoral students in all levels of analysis, from molecular and cellular to circuits and behavior. Through class-work, seminars and peer interactions our students become fluent in “the language of neuroscience” and can communicate with others inside and outside of their area of specialization. The BRI provides a rich environment not also for learning, teaching and research, but also for public outreach, an increasingly important activity for all Neuroscientists.

Students interested in the nervous system have several options for admissions to graduate programs at UCLA. Prospective students are advised to compare the various admissions options to determine which of the 18 PhD programs in Biosciences suits their needs best.

The Interdepartmental Ph.D. Program for Neuroscience offers an integrated curriculum for graduate study focused on neuroscience at all levels: molecular, cellular, circuits, systems, and behavior. 

For the Bachelor of Science degree please visit the website for the Interdepartmental Undergraduate Program for Neuroscience