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Affinity Group Summary

The Center for the Study of Parkinson's Disease (CSPD) has organized an "affinity group" for undergraduate students working in the laboratories of investigators involved in research on Parkinson's disease and affiliated with the Center. The goal of this affinity group is to provide "value added" to students who work in these laboratories by giving them a more in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the disease, in the context of the multi-disciplinary research within the Center. The informal setting encourages participation and interactions with faculty as well as other undergraduate students with similar interests.

Two meetings are held each quarter, which focus on various aspects of research on Parkinson's disease, from a neurologist's perspective of the patient, to various animal and cellular models, to epidemiological studies. The last meeting of the Spring Quarter will give the students an opportunity to share their experience and make a short presentation about their project.


The program "Forum for Undergraduate Researchers in Parkinson's Disease" is open to undergraduates conducting research on Parkinson's Disease at any of the CSPD laboratories. In addition, it is advertised through the Undergraduate Neuroscience and Psychobiology Programs and other appropriate venues, prior to the beginning of the program each year.  Interested students can obtain a list of potential faculty mentors to contact, and if accepted into a CSPD member laboratory, will be invited to the meetings. The activities of this program are coordinated by Kathy Shenassa, Scientific Program Coordinator of the Center. We expect that this program will attract some of the best and most motivated students and will enhance their experience as beginning researchers.

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