Advisory Boards

Internal Advisory Board

Dr. Felix Schweizer, Director of the Brain Research Institute (BRI) and Chair of the Neuroscience interdepartmental PhD program (NSIDP)

Dr. Gina Poe, the Director of Diversity in Outreach and Education for the BRI, and co-Director of the MARC*U-STAR (Maximizing access to research careers) and UC-HBCU (UC-historically black colleges and universities) programs for underrepresented minorities at UCLA

Dr. Wentai Liu, , Distinguished Professor of Bioengineering and Electrical and Computer Engineering, Chan Soon-Shiong Bionic Engineering Research Center.

Dr. Nader Pouratian, , Professor of Neurosurgery, Bioengineering, Neuroscience, and Radiation Oncology Bioegineering, cofounder of TNT

Dr. Nanthia Suthana, , Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Neurosurgery, and Bioengineering, Associate Director of Neuromodulation Division at Semel, Associate Director of BRI Neuroscience Outreach, cofounder of TNT

Dr. Dejan Markovic, , Professor of Electrical Engineering, cofounder of TNT


External Advisory Board

Dr. Cameron McIntyre, Professor from the Department of Bioengineering and School of Medicine at Case Western Reserve University

Dr. Martha Morrel, Chief Medical Officer from Neuropace, Inc.

Dr. Helen Mayberg, Professor and Director of the Center for Advanced Therapeutics at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Dr. Binith Cheeran, Director of Medical Affairs, Abbott, Neuromodulation, Inc.